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:) Reviews for AhMa Loves You!


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What People
are saying about AhMa Loves You!

「本書為作者親身經歷的改編故事,作者育有兩個嚴重過敏體質的兒女。書中所描述的點點滴滴,真實且感人。讀完本書,我腦海中浮現出阿媽牽著小孫子的情景:天真的孩子,慈祥的阿媽,手牽手,心連心,漫步在街道上。這就是愛! 這就是幸福! 」


Pastor Peter Chung


——陳曉柔(Abby Chen)


“AhMa Loves You!  is a heartwarming bilingual chapter book highlighting the special relationship between a grandma and grandchild and the cross-cultural differences in ways to show love. There's no other book like it on the market! Highly recommended!”

——Katrina Liu

 Author of I Love Boba! and other children’s books

I read through AhMa Loves You! in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed this bilingual chapter book. As a therapist and mother, I appreciate many meaningful concepts explored in this book, including recognizing the different love languages of people - on top of layers of generational and cultural differences set in two countries in the story. Love it! I enjoy the discussion parts at the end of the book and look forward to working through them with my children. 


——Isabelle Engler
Music Therapist and

Founder of Music & Tales

“AhMa Loves You! is lovely, quaint, and the perfect window into another culture. It tells the story of a young boy who suffers from food allergies and takes a vacation with his family to visit his grandmother. Though his dietary needs make portions of the trip troublesome as his grandmother learns to accept and respect his needs, their love and appreciation for one another begin to blossom as they work together and show consideration for one another. Together, the lead character enjoys a full immersion into his family heritage under the watchful, loving eye of his AhMa. What a gift to stories of color this book will be!”

——Brytni McNeil.

Writer, “A Guide for Handling Racism, Prejudice, Colorism

in Children’s Literature”

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