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This is a little (or a lot) 
about me.


All About Me

 Christina C. Wu 張玉蒓 grew up in San Gabriel Valley (SGV), California and spent childhood summers at her grandparents’ home in Taiwan.  After receiving an M.A. in School Counseling from NYU, Christina worked several years in New York, counseling Chinese-speaking families in the non-profit sector. Currently back in SGV with her husband and their two homeschooled kids, Christina has accumulated over 20 years of experience volunteering and working with children. Some of her roles have included research assistant in a nationwide, longitudinal study on kids with ADHD; English- and Mandarin-speaking counselor for individuals and families; Sunday School teacher; and VBS director. Christina's children, along with the author’s own childhood experiences, are the inspiration for her first book, AhMa Loves You!  With a childhood dream of becoming an author; her counseling and education background; love for children's books, cultures, and languages; living and integrating in multicultural cities like Los Angeles, NYC, and Taipei; Christina has been uniquely purposed to write this bilingual children's book -AhMa Loves You! The author's first language is Taiwanese, and her love language is quality time - enjoying “me time” and spending time with those she loves. During her free quality time, she enjoys spending QT with God, drinking matcha, and learning new things like playing the guitar.





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