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This is an easy chapter book for early readers of English and/or Mandarin Chinese.  It is a bilingual book in English and Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin, and now also available in Pinyin! The idea for this type of book stems from never seeing a bilingual English / Chinese kids' chapter book with phonetic pronunciation (either Zhuyin or Pinyin). There are children's board books that are bilingual with Pinyin. There are bilingual kids' chapter books. But there are no bilingual kids' chapter books with phonetic pronunciation with the Chinese.

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About the Book

Joseph is thrilled to go on a family vacation to visit AhMa in Taiwan. Joey, who has food allergies, and his family arrive in their mother’s home country, excited to explore the city together. Joey loves AhMa, and she loves him. But when she says something that hurts his feelings, he’s upset by her words and wonders if AhMa even cares about him.


Travel with Joey as he navigates Taiwan and clashes with a different culture, generation and personality-- his AhMa.  How will they resolve their conflict, if at all?


Each person’s culture, background and unique individual differences affects how we behave, how we think and how we express our love toward one another. AhMa’s love toward her grandchildren is expressed differently than how her grandchildren express love and how they want to receive love.

The specifications of the book are 5.5” (width) x 8.5” (length) and will be 50-55 (approx.) pages with the story being 2,400 (approx.) in English words and 4,040 (approx.) in Chinese words.

Toward the end of the book, there is a glossary with selected English words to Chinese translation, and selected Chinese words to English translation. As a former counselor, the author presents a few reflection and discussion questions meant to spark conversation on how love is expressed in your own family.



The book features five full-page colorful illustrations and several smaller colored spot illustrations  by the talented artist Eunice Chen. Connect with her on Instagram @eunicesketches 

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