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Spotify Playlist - Joey's Taiwan Tour Jams

Updated: Jan 7

念舊 - Thoughtully curated to go with the book AhMa Loves You!, these songs evoke emotions for the themes of family, growth, travel, nostalgia, love and life. These family-friendly jams may be what Joey, AhMa and his family listen and karaoke to when in Taiwan.

About some of the songs on the playlist...


This Taiwanese song by EggPlantEgg is reminiscent of an innocent, romantic age. It is the first song on the playlist and when I hear it, it motivates me to pursue my dreams. Just dance and dream -- you can do it! Love is bigger than what I thought it would be.


Another nostalgic song by the Taiwanese band EggPlant Egg, this song is slower paced and makes me think of my Taiwanese elders sitting around smoking a cigarette (mentioned in the song and I don't endorse cigarettes), drinking Taiwan beer, having snacks, and chatting about life. This song has been on the top 100 Taiwan songs from at least 2020-2022. I most recently heard it played by an auntie at a food stall at the Shilin Night Market in summer 2022.

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